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This is not my usual type of blog but after spending a few days in Toronto I have been on the hunt for the perfect coffee experience. Toronto is a place where there is a Tim Horton’s, Starbucks or Second Cup around each corner. Therefore, you have to look a little harder to find the artisan coffee scene that is so readily available in London. Although, the coffee scene is booming in Toronto. I have collated all the places we visited so that you can enjoy a good cup of coffee whilst in the city.

1. Forget Me Not Cafe

506 Adelaide St. West

Coffee and matcha cookie in a rustic cafe in Toronto

This rustic shabby chic cafe is tucked away in a quieter part of town in the Fashion District. There is plenty of space and lots of goodies to try. I had a flat white and a cheeky Matcha cookie. The coffeee was on the milky side and more of a latte and the cookie on the sweet side. However, this is more of a relaxed feel and is more of a family business than a trendy hipster place. An added bonus is their wide arrange of local design products they sell from cards to jewellery. 

2. Early Bird Coffee + Kitchen 

613 Queen Street West

brunch with matcha tea, coffee, overnight oats and avocado toast

This is the brunch spot of the Fashion District. If you head here for brunch on a weekend then be prepared to queue. This is a very instagramable place where people head to get a snap of their famous blue Matcha Latte. There is apparently a hidden pink terrace, but at 10 degrees and rain, this was not something we wished to explore…

The food is good, but on the expensive side for the portion size you get. The coffee hits the spot and there are plenty of non-dairy options. The Matcha tea is nice as well, but we stuck with the green one as the  blue one has lavender in it. Although granted it is more photogenic than the green, for us lavender is not for drinking.

3, Fika

28 Kensington Avenue 

Scandinavian coffee shop design

As I am half Swedish I tend to look out for the Scandinavian hang-outs. This little gem is tucked away in the surroundings of Kensington Market and the coffee doesn’t disappoint. There is ample space inside and there are two outside areas with a front patio and a back garden. There is lots of Scandinavian parafernelia and there is a wall covered in books for those instagram photos. The laptop club is separated from the social people by a dedicated big table where people are busy beavering away. There are cinnamon rolls in plenty and some Scandinavian inspired dishes on the menu. 

4. Quantum Coffee

460 King Street West

This place has nailed the ‘after work’ coffee sceneIt has a coffee bar that has everything you could wish for. During the day there is also an open cafe space, but this is used for events in the evening.  In a city which doesn’t really do that good pastries this is the place to go for your almond croissant.

places to enjoy coffee in Toronto
5. Dark Horse

215 Spadina Ave

This coffee shop is located in a beautiful building. Think less Scandinavian minimalism and more grandiose decor. There are two big communal tables at the front with chandeliers hanging above. There is also a hidden seating area just above and behind the coffee bar which offers more privacy and smaller tables. If you want a goof coffee in China Town – this is where you should go! 

6. Kupfert and Kim

100 Bloor Street West

This healthy chain is the perfect place for a balanced vegan/vegetarian meal. The Poke bowl is delicious and gives you a boost. There is something for everyone on this menu. We went for Kombucha over coffee, but the general consensus seems to be that their coffee is decent for a food chain. 

We went to the the Yorkville one which offers an affordable option in an otherwise high market area. Enjoy your healthy meal and coffee before exploring the surrounding beautiful gingerbread style houses

7. Versus Coffee

70 Adelaide East 

If you have had enough of the hustle and bustle this is a calm oasis only a few minutes from the bustle of Young in the heart of the Financial Distric. The coffee is superb and they offer a mixture of cold and hot drinks. As it has indoor and outdoor seating, it’s perfect for any type of day. The background music is calm and the guests are a mixture of hard working laptop beavers and chilled friends having a catch up. 

coffee cup next to green plant
8. Dineen

1042 Gerrard Street East

This is THE place to be seen in the Toronto coffee scene. With a plush seating area, high ceiling and divine coffee this is a hot spot for anyone who knows their coffee. It is probably the best cup of coffee I had in Toronto and I highly recommend it. It is located around the corner from Eaton Centre so a perfect escape when you have had enough of consumerism. 

9. Neo Coffee Bar

100-161 Frederick Street

This Japanese coffee house has a splendid fusion of exquisite coffee and Japanese treats. The coffee hit the spot with an excellent Brew Bar. The Ethiopian coffee  here is to die for. The Japanese treats are not my cup of tea, but are beautiful to look at. The slightly edgy feel to the place makes it a big hit for trend lovers. It is located just around the corner from the Distillery District so it is the perfect pick me up before exploring the art galleries.

coffee in Japanese cafe in Toronto and Japanese mochi cake
10. Strange Love

101 Spadina Avenue

Strange Love is a good cafe for picking up a healthy snack and a cup of coffee whilst on the go. They take their coffee skills seriously here. The decor is mostly Scandinavian minimalism but the atmosphere is more laid back. The place itself was refreshingly social with very few laptops.

I hope you enjoyed this! Let me know if you check any of the places out 🙂



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