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I have recently started to swap to more sustainable beauty options as my old ones are running out. I am trying to reduce the amount of plastic I consume for a better future for my daughter. There are so many facts out there regarding plastic, and I think we have all been shocked. Beauty products is a fairly easy one to make small changes in as many brands are now hopping on the plastic-free trend. Here are my most recent changes (nothing is sponsored) that I have collated for you!


1. A safety razor

I have changed my old razor which was a standard one where you replaced the head. It was old and needed replacing and it was a no-brainer to find one that didn’t require plastic. I got mine of Amazon, but there are plenty of options around. It was a bit scary the first time I used it, but now I am pretty used to it.

2. Soap bars

I am now using soap bars instead of soap that comes in a plastic container. I am currently using a BodyShop one, however, you can get ones with even less packaging out there.

3. Shower Gel

I am trying out Lush’s new shower gel which comes without the plastic! It smells just like the usual one that still comes in plastic so it’s a great swap if you like their products. However, I wouldn’t go for the orange one next time as it sheds a lot of colour in the shower.

4. Deodorant

I’ve swapped my deodorant for Elsa’s Organic tinned deodorant. The little tins are perfect to carry around and you can easily reuse them for things like shampoo bars or travel containers. They work great for me and even after a run they do pretty well. Additionally, there are other formats like deodorant bars etc out there, but I have not tried these yet.

5. Shampoo bars and non-packaged Conditioner

This shampoo bar is from Lush and I have yet to find the perfect one for my hair. I am going to keep looking so please comment with any recommendations that you may have tried! I also struggle with conditioning bars, but I have been given the great tip of cutting them up and pouring hot water over them to make them dissolve. You could just store it in any container you may have at home e.g. jar or old shampoo bottle.

6. Reusable cotton/bamboo pads

I have changed from disposable cotton pads to reusable ones. These are made of bamboo and I use them to remove makeup etc and I can then just put them in the wash with my clothes.

I hope this list inspired you to make some small changes to reduce your plastic consumption! If you have any further sustainable ideas, please leave a comment!




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3 Replies to “Sustainable Beauty Swaps

  1. Hello from Canada,

    Hi Molina! Very interesting reading about your choices for plastic free beauty products especially about Elsa’s natural ones in small containers. I’d love the lemon ice. I need to find out if Elsa’s ships to Canada but I have found a Vancouver based company Wiffcraft Naturals. They offer small travel size containers in natural scent combinations .
    We love bar soap in this home and use pure olive oil soap. My skin has never been softer. The scent can be a bit off putting to some as can be “smokey” when it lathers but after rinse off there is no residual small at all. Currently use the Kiss My Face brand but I am on a search for others with pure ingredients
    For Hair I wanted to share a tip I have tried I buy food grade Avocado oil in a glass bottle. Before shampooing (I use a sulphate free shampoo) I put a tbs of oil palm of hand and run through my hair scalp to tips leaving it on for least 20 minutes before washing. I was amazed at the texture change to softness and shine afterwards.
    Carrie in Toronto

    1. Hi Carrie,
      Thank you for your comment! I am sure Canada has plenty of options being a very advanced country within this field!
      Thanks for sharing your tip about the avocado oil! I will definitely need to try this!
      Lots of love!

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