Plastic Free Gift Guide

Christmas is approaching and shops are ramping up their sales tactics. This year, however, I am going to make a conscious effort to reduce my plastic consumption buying gifts. I have collated a plastic free gift guide to give you some inspiration to do the same.

1. Plastic Free Beauty Products.

Lush has released a new range of package free products including body wash and highlighters! Perfect if you have a beauty conscious friend who likes trying new products. You can read more about plastic-free products here.

2. Tea Strainer

Lets face it, Brits love their brew! I discovered recently that most tea bags contain plastic which you can read about here. A nice tea strainer could therefore be an excellent gift. For a high end one you can pop into Fortunm and Masons, but for a more standard priced one any high street tea shop will make these.

3. Loose tea and coffee

As per above, a bag or tin of nice tea or coffee always goes down well, especially with grandparents etc. Companies like Monmouth sell their coffee in paper bags and Kushmi tea have beautiful tins of tea that are easily re-used after. However, they do package some of their tea in plastic so do make sure to get a tin without plastic. Farmer’s Markets are also excellent places to find other plastic-free goodies such as jams, marmalades and chutneys.

4. Experiences

If your pregnant friend has an achy back or your sister has wanted to cut her hair for ages, then give an online voucher at for example Treatwell. You could take your parents for afternoon tea or an exciting exhibition such as The Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photography of the Year.

5. Get creative

How about doing some baking or perhaps a drawing? What is your hidden talent? Can you harness this into a unique Christmas gift or experience?

6. Baby Friendly Gifts

Having a 6 month baby myself, the last thing I actually want is more toys/clothes/stuff. Our flat is already full and she is growing so fast that she’ll be out of it by Boxing Day. Instead think outside the box – new parents often struggle economically. A contribution towards baby swim or even a “babysitter voucher” could be just what the frazzled pair need. Or even better – offer to baby sit yourself – that way you get cuddles, gratitude from the parents and it hasn’t cost you a penny!

Other tips to help reduce plastic consumption:

  • Skip plastic ribbons/decorations/stickers
  • Avoid Christmas products with glitter. Ultimately the glitter contains plastic and will reach the sea.
  • Use paper that can be recycled and consider using old fabrics and string to tie the presents together.

Have any other tips or ideas? Leave them in the comments below 🙂



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3 Replies to “Plastic Free Gift Guide

  1. I was gifted last year with little stainless steel containers ( dollar stores) of spice and herb mixes that my
    friend mixed herself She made her own labels and included a hand written recipe. Loved it

    I work with a family who are very health concious. They recently purchased sandwich bags made of Jute and cotton ( East Indian stores / Little Italy ) JUte is durable and water resistand with a low carbon footprint! They have a loop and button closure.
    How about sweet little air plants in glass bottles with a cork top? Lovely small gift giving

    Consider babysitting my gift to you anytime! Looking forward to babysitting when I see you in July 2019!

    Lost of love from Toronto.

    1. Ah what wonderful ideas Carrie! I have heard about Jute, but not sure it has become popular in the UK yet! It’s sure to come soon though!
      Lots of love

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