5 Ways to Boost Wellbeing this Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and you may be either thriving or just about surviving. I have always had a love/hate relationship with Christmas. As a child I loved the gifts but disliked the stress and tension that was present at home. As I’ve grown up I am less interested in the presents and I am all about the games, social part and just the cosy feeling that Christmas gives me. Here are a few of my tips that have helped me make it an enjoyable time of year.

1. Reduce Consumption this Christmas

For me, one of the most stressful aspects of Christmas used to be getting gifts for everyone. Worrying whether it was the right gift and if they would like it etc. Over the years I have bought less and less. So far this Christmas I have only really purchased two gifts and I don’t think I will get any more. Instead I am giving carefully considered experiences ,which I know will be appreciated by the recipients. Less shops that I need to run around in and therefore less stress. If you are hitting the shops, do so consciously and question yourself whether the person needs the item, or if you are buying it to just buy it. If you do want a list of conscious ideas, then check out my plastic-free gift list here.

This year I have avoided to buy new Christmas decorations and instead upscaled some items as you can see below. I used the cake base from our wedding, put some fairy lights in an empty gin bottle, used the tea light holders from our wedding and added some fresh pine tree branches.

Christmas centre piece with pine branches and fairly lights

2. Movement

If you enjoy going for walks, working out or doing yoga – whatever I may be – try and fit some of this in leading up to the big day to release some endorphins and reduce your stress levels.

3. Do Something Nice for Somebody

And no, I don’t mean go and buy another present. Look around you and see if there is someone you can help. The Christmas period is an extremely lonely period for many who may not have family around and for the homeless. I spent 2 Christmases in a row with CRISIS where we ran a Physiotherapy clinic on various of the sites as well as just having general chats with people. You will be surprised how this can make you feel.

If you have a lonely elderly neighbour, perhaps bake them something and drop it off with a Christmas card. You can find a super easy recipe for Christmas biscuits here.

4. Swap the Booze

if Christmas drinks are getting the better of you there are plenty of non-alcoholic options around. By all means enjoy your tipple of choice, but only as long as it serves you and you do not serve the drink.

5. Have some Me Time

I love the social aspect of Christmas, but as an introvert I need some ‘me time’. 5 minutes of meditation, diving into a book or just having a relaxing bath does wonders for my wellbeing. If you want some tips on how to prepare yourself for meditation you can find an article here.

I would love to hear what you do! Please comment below with what you find helpful



Christmas decoration fir branch in jar and Scandinavian decorations

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