5 Top Tips to Get Things Done

I don’t know about you, but for me wellness includes a sense of accomplishment. To feel like you have been able to complete something and feel good about the end product. However, I am also easily distracted by social media, app notifications etc. Being on maternity leave my one time to do work, as well as sort the flat out, is during my daughter’s nap times. As these are few, short and far between I need to stay focused in order to be productive. I have gathered the top 5 things that I  do to allow me to build this platform as well as my YouTube channel.

  1. Set Limits/Time Frames: If you’re like me and easily get distracted by your phone – set limits on it! Apple’s new update included a built in tracker and limitation system. I have limited my social media to a certain amount of time per day and I have limited screen time between 10pm and 6am so I can only access certain apps such as my alarm clock etc. If your phone does not have this built into the operating system you can download apps such as Momento. Doing this has allowed me to reduce mindless scrolling. When I now go onto social media I use it as part of my business to interact with people, respond to comments, upload photos etc.

I will also often set time limits for other tasks that I need to do such as cleaning. Let’s face it, few of us actually enjoy this task but not making time to do it regularly throughout the week means it amounts to a mammoth task at the weekend. I set my alarm for 15-20 minutes a day to do a speed clean. If you don’t have a messy little one like me, you could probably even get away with 5-10 minutes.

2. Planning and Goal Setting: I write a plan either on Sunday evening or Monday morning with what I want to achieve. This week my main goal was to upload my first Yoga class to YouTube. In order to achieve this  I needed to make sure that I had completed the final editing, voice over and created some content leading up to this. Knowing exactly what I needed to do made sure that I remain focused with a clear end goal in site.

3. Prioritise: We all have busy lives and a million things that we should be doing. Being a millennial there is a certain expectation to work beyond your working hours, be a social butterfly and hit it hard in the gym. Ultimately for me this is not sustainable. I therefore pick the main things that I want to prioritise and I focus on these. Anything else is a bonus. This has meant that I go to the gym less and I spend less time out socialising. Instead I might try and squeeze a cheeky Yoga practice in before my daughter wakes up or I ask friends over instead of meeting them out.

4. Combine: You want to catch up with a friend but you both have work/life admin hanging over you? Meet up for a coffee – have a chat and then spend an hour or so doing your work. That way you can enjoy your cake and bounce ideas of each other. Me and my husband often do this -we will go to a cafe with our daughter and have some quality time. Then one of us will take our daughter for a walk , whilst the other one stays at the cafe doing whatever we need to do. Then we will swap over. That way we can both get a chance to focus on what we want to achieve whilst still being able to spend some quality time together.

5. Remain Grounded: You can’t always get everything done and that is OK. In my situation I cannot control my daughter’s nap times and if she decides not to nap then I am going to be behind on things. If I was to beat myself up about that then I would be wasting time and ultimately that does not contribute to my wellbeing.

Bonus Tip – Coffee! I love coffee and always have. Having a coffee helps me stay focused and it is also an enjoyable adjunct. Having it in a pretty cup makes it even better…


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