I qualified as a Yoga instructor in 2013 and I have taught Yoga in a variety of studios and gyms. In the last year I have focused on working with corporate wellbeing and work for companies as part of their wellbeing programmes.

With a background in Physiotherapy I have used Yoga as a tool to help rehabilitate clients suffering with e.g. back pain and sports injuries in 1:1 settings.

Testimonial from a client:

“[...] I just wanted to thank you both for ‘fixing me’. I played 5-a-side last night without any issues [...]"


You can access my free videos on my YouTube channel.


I completed my Level 1 and Level 2 Clinical Pilates Course in 2017 and currently completing my Level 3 (advanced). I work with my clients on a one-to-one basis as well as teach groups. I create bespoke programs for each client group and have worked with bone health, sports injuries and lower back pain to name a few areas.




You can access my free videos on my YouTube channel.


Stress is a huge component of our busy life in this day and age. Juggling family life with work life and social life can be difficult. As a mother myself I can recognise the difficulties that busy people find to achieve the right balance. I have 2.5  years experience of working with companies to improve the wellbeing among staff through mindfulness, meditation and yoga.

I currently take on new companies to work with for wellbeing initiatives. Please get in touch if your company is looking to improve the wellbeing amongst your employees.


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